European Media Market Data Centre

Our Data Analyst team have compiled comprehensive European Media Market data sets covering anything from *demographic and geographic data*, through *media usage data* through to *media / publishing company data*.   All 3000+ data points are available by subscribing to Hackers.Media's EU Media Data Centre.  Sign up here >>.


European media market overview (data + insights)

Overview data and insights of the European Media market, covering Europe's top 20 countries.  Designed to enable Executive data-driven decision-making for media / ad tech companies looking to scale across Europe.

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EU-wide, country-by-country media / publishing company data (raw data / xl)

Media / publishing company data (350 company names, descriptions, location, contact, finance data) provided for all major EU countries: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Northern Europe (Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands) Nordic countries (x4),  Southern Europe (including MENA) and Central / Eastern Europe. XL / CSV format.


EU demographic / economic / media usage data (raw data / xl)

European country and media data.  3000+ data points across 20 EU countries, including: demographic, economic, media usage (broadband & smartphone), digital advertising spend (inc mobile & video).  XL / CSV format.


'Big 5' country media / publishing company overview (data + insights)

Deep-dive into the *Big 5* European countries media markets (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy). Country-by-country Media / publishing company data and insights provided to aid strategic decision-making and analysis.