Hackers.Media is  a community dedicated to sharing everyday hacks / case studies of how media companies are hacking their way to profitability and success. 

These hacks are anything from smart uses of technology, to new business models and innovative revenue streams.

Beyond this collaborative blog, Hackers.Media organise monthly meet-ups (breakfasts / drinks) in cities across Europe.

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A Brief bit of background

Hackers.Media was set up by Chris Quigley after being inspired by the people he met whilst on the road travelling across Europe meeting media companies in his role as Managing Director of Sharethrough Europe.

In his time at Sharethrough, Chris met c.100 different publishers in 15+ countries.  From Istanbul to Oslo, as different as the cities Chris travelled to were, from a media business perspective all these countries has similar challenges: falling CPMs, increasing mobile usage, increasing ad blocking usage, revenues losses to Google and Facebook, staff losses, confusion of how to tackle programmatic, questions of how to approach native etc etc etc

And it was from meeting a wide range of interesting and inspirational people that Hackers.Media was born - the idea being to share ideas from around Europe (and the world) to help tackle industry challenges by hacking our way to success (and profitability) together.

Although started by Chris, Hackers.Media is very much a community, open to anyone in media wanting to share their ideas.